NAAA Operator Survey Report, Filled with Key Industry Stats, Released to Members

NAAA is pleased to announce its 2019 NAAA Aerial Application Industry Survey Operator Report is finished and available for members to download. The survey is chockful of key statistics showing the healthy status of the U.S. aerial application industry. To download a copy click here, or log in as a member to NAAA’s website and go to the Resource Center on the top menu bar. Just over halfway down the page is the listing for “NAAA Industry Surveys,” which is also available in the topic dropdown menu. Select the link to that says “Publications (4).” The 2019 NAAA Aerial Application Industry Survey: Operators is the first link on the next page. Older industry surveys are also available on this page.

The 2019 NAAA Pilot Survey Report is in the final stages of preparation and will be released soon. Once both reports are completed and posted in the online Resource Center, NAAA members will be mailed hard copies of the reports. The NAAA Operators Survey revealed that the average age for an operator is 55 years old and average time in the business is 28 years. Operators have an average of 2.3 aircraft per operation and 81 percent of the fleet is turbine powered. Fixed-wing aircraft make up 84 percent of the fleet in the U.S. with helicopters making up the remaining 16 percent.

Download the survey to learn more about what the NAAA Operator Survey shows about the aerial application industry.