Getting Started

To jumpstart your membership, below are five things we would like you to do today. For a list of the 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your NAAA Membership, click here.

1.  Log-on
2.  Update your Profile
3.  Find or Post a Job
4.  Locate Calendar of Events
5.  Explore Online Resources

Remember, we are here for you! If at any point you have questions or simply need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our office at 202.546.5722 or email

1. Log On

Visit and follow the step-by-step directions listed below:

  • On the top-right corner of the page type in your username and password
    • Your password is changeme unless you have personalized it to something specific upon joining online
  • Select Enter

2. Update Your Profile

Making sure that your contact information is correct is extremely crucial. It allows NAAA to better communicate your member benefits with you and ensures your Directory Listing will be accurate. Here you can make corrections as need be or add information that is currently not listed. Follow the step-by-step directions listed below:
  • Visit and Login (see step 1 for instructions)
  • Select Your Account link located on top of the page next to where it reads “Welcome, [your name]”
  • You now will land on your My Profile page. Here you may edit or add information on your record. You can also add a photo or logo as well as an online directory description of yourself or your business. Other items you’ll want to check are your:
    • Opt-in/Opt-out status of the following:
      • Find an Aerial Applicator Public Search Opt-in/Opt-out status
      • Fly Safe messages opt-in/opt-out status
      • Email messages opt-in/opt-out status
    • Currently, NAAA bylaws require Operator and Pilot members to be a member of a state or regional association. Please mark your primary state/regional association and any additional state associations you belong to.
    • A benefit of your NAAA membership is getting listed in our online directory. Make sure your correct membership category is selected by:
      • Clicking My Directory Options from the left-hand menu. 
      • You can change your visibility preferences for your online listing here as well.
      • If you wish to not be listed in the online directory, please email
  • Upon completion of editing and/or adding additional fields, please remember to select the Save button each and every time. Otherwise, you changes will not save to your NAAA record.

3. Find or Post a Job

The NAAA Job Board is an online resource to find jobs and post open positions across the country. If you wish to apply to a given job post, you will need to view the individual job post for application details. Follow the step-by-step directions listed below:
  • Finding Jobs
    • Visit
    • From the blue bar menu, select the Careers tab
    • From the drop menu select Job Listings
    • Scroll to mid-page and select View Current Job Listings, select the Search button
    • You may now select what type of position you are looking for and select Search. You may select the links on the page to view current positions.
  • Posting Jobs
    • Click Add a Job button in the right-hand corner
    • Add the details of the job in the appropriate fields and select the Save button.

4. Locate Calendar of Events

If you are wondering what events are happening and when, this is a great tool.  Visit and follow the step-by-step directions listed below:
  • To view future NAAA Ag Aviation Expo events and NAAA Board Meetings:
    • Select Events, from the blue menu bar
  • For local and regional events such as state association conventions and fly-ins:
    • Select Events, from the blue menu bar and select Meetings Calendar from the drop menu to view currently planned events. To learn more about a given event, click on the title.
  • For Ag Aviation Expo information:
    • Select Events, from the blue menu bar and select Ag Aviation Expo from the drop menu to view currently planned events. To learn more about a given event, click on the title.

5. Explore Online Resources

As a valued member, you have access to many member resources including publication archives, media kits, videos, media relations kit, brochures and educational tools for the public.
  • Select Membership from the blue menu bar and select Member Resources from the drop menu to view all the resources you have at your disposal.