Larsen-Miller Community Service Award

The Larsen-Miller Community Service Award is presented for outstanding contributions by an NAAA member to his or her community.


Originated in 1974 by the Arizona Agricultural Aviation Association in honor of Randy Larsen and Paul Miller, an operator and a flagman, who lost their lives trying to rescue three victims of an auto accident.

Previous Recipients

2021–2022 None
2020 Nancy Turnquist, Whirly Birds (FL)
2019 Marty Owen, Desert Air Ag (ID)
2018 Leif Isaacson, Desert Air Ag (ID)
2017 Charlie Bourne and Gregg Watts, O’Brien Flying Service (LA)
2016 Jake Kraft (SD) 1995–1993 None
2015 Leslie Craft (NC) 1992 Connie Gasper (MN)
2014 Kyle Scott (CO) 1991 Clint Ward (OK)
2013 John Larson (IA) 1990 Wayne Turner (MT)
2012 Eric Klindt (MN) 1989 None
2011 Loren Dannhaus (TX) 1988 None
2011 Grant Lane (TX) 1987 John O'Connell (SD)
2010 Lucille Schiffer (MI) 1986 None
2009 Stan Jones (NE) 1985 None
2008 Dale Thomas (ID) 1984 None
2007 Patricia Stamps (TX) 1983 Dolly Lewis (NY)
2006–2004 None 1982 None
2003 Dwayne O'Brien (LA) 1981 None
2002 Barbara Steier (MN) 1980 Larry Brooks (MO)
2001 Tim Steier (MN) 1979 Donald R. Mack (OK)
2000 Earl Whitaker (KS) 1978 Ken McDowell (TX)
1999 Edward Morrow (NE) 1977 None
1998 Connie Newberg (MN) 1976 Bennett Williams (CA)
1997 Jacob Jewell (AL) 1975 Ken Medders
1996 Pat Tigges (WA) 1974 Paul Pierce (AZ)