Delta Air Lines "Puffer" Award

The Delta Air Lines “Puffer” Award is presented to the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the design of agricultural aircraft and/or related equipment.


Originated in 1972 and sponsored by Delta Air Lines.

Previous Recipients

2022 None  
2021 Troy Reabe Reabe Design LLC
2018–2020 None  
2017 Brad Fritz USDA-ARS Aerial Application Tech. Research Unit
2016 Jared Storm Storm Aeronautics
2015 David Eby AeroFlow Systems Inc./AgriFlite Services
2014 Doran Rogers Cascade Aircraft Conversions
2008–2013 None  
2007 Gerald Beck Tri-State Aviation Inc.
2006 None  
2005 Lindley Johnson Johnson Airspray
2004 Josef Oleksiak PZL-Mielec
2003 Allen Tinnes Air Care, Inc.
2002 None  
2001 William Hatfield Hatfield Spraying Service, Inc.
2000 Conrad Barlow Transland, Inc.
1999 G.O. "Chris" Christopher CP Products Company Inc.
1998 Dan Conti Simplex Manufacturing Co.
1997 Eldon Sorensen Sorensen Sprayers, Inc.
1996 Hal Weatherly Weatherly Aviation
1995 Ron Gustin Gustin Aviation
1994 Mark Lemmon Onboard Systems
1993 Dennis R. Gardisser University of Arkansas
1992 John Weatherly Weatherly Aviation
1991 Mike Liebhart Simplex Manufacturing Co.
1990 David Johnston Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.
1989 George Lane Lane Aviation
1988 Al Troglin San Joaquin Air
1987 Wesley W. "Bud" Wall Bud's Flying Service
1986 Charles Christmas Christmas Flying Service
1985 Leslie Schweizer Ag Cat
1984 Dan Edwards Edwards Compro
1983 John "Tex" Waldrum John E. Waldrum, Inc.
1982 Bert Morgan
Eugene Shanks
Aero Mod General, Inc.
Farm & Ranch Aerial Service
1981 Dennis Kuhlman
Lawrence O' Roth
Richard Whitney
Kansas State University
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University
1980 J. Fred Frakes Frakes Aviation
1979 Floyd Stillwell Marsh Aviation
1978 Conrad R. Barlow Transland Aircraft
1977 Floyd Perry Serv-Aero Engineering
1976 Fred Ayers Ayres Corporation
1975 Phil Pickell Agrinautics, Inc.
1974 Arthur Koch & Joe Lippert Grumman Aircraft
1973 Leland Snow
Fred E. Weick
Air Tractor, Inc.
Piper Aircraft Corporation