What's In It For Me?

When you join NAAA, you get instant access to wealth of information, resources and exclusive benefits, including:
  • Weekly NAAA eNewsletter
  • Copy of Agricultural Aviation magazine
  • Annual NAAA Membership Directory
  • Access to members only content on NAAA’s website, including NAAA’s online directory, eNewsletter and magazine archives, the NAAA Media Relations Kit and more
  • Free listing in NAAA’s Pilot Database, which matches operators and pilots
  • Discounted convention fees, whether you're an attendee or exhibitor
  • Membership certificate recognizing your professionalism
  • Opportunity to participate in the Leadership Training Program
  • Eligibility for Scholarship Programs for members of your family or friends
  • Networking opportunities
  • Potential insurance discounts
  • Materials to use with your local officials or media
  • Handouts and videos for use with school and community groups
  • Compaass Rose, a mentoring program for new pilots
  • Someone to call when you need help
Those are some of the tangible benefits you get when you join NAAA, but that’s not why most members renew year after year. The real value of NAAA Membership runs much deeper. Supporting NAAA, not just financially but through your participation and talents, will have a lasting effect on your business and the aerial application industry. You will become a better operator and ag pilot by virtue of the personal connections you’ll make, the knowledge you will acquire and the skill you will gain when you become engaged in the association and take advantage of the many programs, services and resources NAAA has to offer.

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Become an NAAA Member today! For more information, call (202) 546-5722.

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